Wedding videography London

“The most remarkable aspect of your films is how you make everything look so incredibly simple, when it is anything but.”

As one of the most experienced high-end wedding filmmakers in the UK I have been lucky enough to have produced multi-award winning wedding films across the country and worldwide for nearly two decades. Filming everything from lavish celebrity weddings to elopements on tropical islands, while always focusing on your story and capturing everything naturally.

The main key to my work is not only to collect incredible shots but to capture the unique story of each day and weaving this into the films. Being discreet and allowing guests to enjoy the day unfolding without hardly noticing I am there at all is one aspect of this. Almost every frame you see within my work is shot naturally with no staged or set up shots, drawing on my many years of experience to stay in the background and collect footage in the most unobtrusive yet cinematic way possible.

Coming from a film background I use my experience to gather images from your day that tell your unique story, yet collecting everything in the most discreet fashion to ensure natural shots that are never manufactured.

100% storytelling and candid footage

Documentary shooting captured with fantastic composition and timing is the most difficult to perfect but by far the most rewarding, as you will have all of the atmosphere, moments and emotions captured naturally, which will truly define the story of your own unique day for years to come.

Knowing exactly where to be at the right times to collect those emotional moments is key and is something I achieve after experience from many hundreds of weddings. It is balancing this with using my creative knowledge to capture these moments in many unique, cinematic and elegant shots.

I have been lucky enough to film weddings across the most exclusive venues in the UK and in many locations worldwide, I only take on a limited number of these films per year so that I can fully concentrate on each day.

All wedding films are different and unique, every single one. This is what makes my job so exciting and why I still absolutely love creating these personal and distinctive films after being in the industry for such a long time.

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