London wedding videographer

London wedding videographer.

Going into my 16th year of shooting wedding films in London, I have been lucky enough to have filmed in so many incredible wedding venues across the city over the years, having so much fun along the way.

London wedding films and documentary shooting

If you prefer multiple shots of drones flying overhead of your guests, large cranes or sliders to create ‘production value’ then I’m not going to be the right fit. I will sometimes include these shots very sparingly, but on the whole and as a wedding videographer in London I shoot discreetly, candidly and document the day by staying in the background. At the wedding I naturally gather all of the raw emotion and atmosphere when it happens, with nothing manufactured. This then allows me to edit together intimate stories within the wedding video that show the uniqueness of you as a couple and the wedding as a whole.

From my 16 years of experience in shooting high-end weddings across London this for me is absolutely the best way to get the very best footage of your day. I need to be mobile all the time to gather these special moments through the day, so while someone may be capturing a wide sliding shot of the venue, I’ll be capturing that moment the bride is revealed in her dress for the first time, but composed and shot in the best way possible within the wedding film.

Claridges Wedding videography

London wedding videography venues don’t come much more stylish and it is always a pleasure to film weddings at Claridges. Having shot here multiple times over the years it is a venue that always comes out so well within wedding photography and wedding videos.

The wedding video actually begins in the Buckinghamshire countryside where the wedding ceremony took place. Following this the wedding party then made the trip into the centre of London which led to some fantastic video and photography opportunities along the way.

The most recent London wedding film I have shot at claridges can be seen in the trailer below:

London Wedding Videography

Whether your wedding is taking place in The Ritz, Rosewood or other unique venues across London, the most important aspect in choosing a wedding videographer to film your day is experience and creativity. Knowing where to be, where to go and knowing what will happen before anyone else does, allows me to be ready for anything that will happen and not miss a second of the most vital shots through the day.

I feel documentary shooting in London is by far the most difficult to get right, but definitely the most rewarding, as you will have all of the most special moments captured beautifully but without intrusion. This allows everything to flow naturally and importantly lets you enjoy the day without distraction from the wedding videographer, which is what it is all about after all!

London wedding videographer Hyde Park

From shooting wedding videos through London over the years I have been so lucky to be involved in many different cultural ceremonies and traditions from Persian, Indian and Jewish weddings to elopments from Chinese, Korean and Australian couples. Having an in-depth knowledge of where to go through London’s vast array of shooting opportunities is massively important, each wedding film I complete in London year on year gives me more experience of how to pick out the very best shots from each day. The fun thing about it is that you never stop learning as every single shoot is different, which is what makes my job so exciting!

London wedding videographer

Indian wedding videography in London

I absolutely love shooting Indian weddings, from shooting all of the many various religious Indian wedding ceremonies and cultural traditions from different regions, there is just so many opportunities to gather incredible footage from each day. Over the years I have shot many Sikh, Hindu and other Indian wedding ceremonies across venues in London and you can view one of the latest wedding videos below.

This Indian wedding took place across various venues within London with the final reception event taking place in the Royal Lancaster Hotel on the edge of Hyde Park.

You can read lots more about my Indian wedding videographer packages and videos here: Indian wedding videographer

Jewish wedding videographer in London

With so much going on during a Jewish wedding from the Ketubah and Bedeken to the ceremony, followed by the traditions during the reception and the dancing, more dancing then even more dancing, it is a dream to film Jewish wedding videos in London. Due to the fact that there is so much going on there are endless opportunities to gather incredible shots throughout the day, this adds so much to the story and allows me to have so many options for editing it all together within the finished wedding film. The most difficult part can be narrowing it all down into short trailers and even more so Instagram trailers.

You can view the Instagram trailer from one of my latest London wedding videos shot at the Rosewood here:

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London wedding videographer