Destination wedding videographer
Destination wedding videographer

As a destination wedding videographer based in Italy, Spain and France for parts of my life, I have been lucky to have filmed destination wedding videos all across Europe.

It was an Italian destination wedding video in 2004 that was amongst my first films as a wedding videographer. Having since filmed wedding videos from Brazil to Greece over nearly two decades I have loved every minute!

Click on the video below to view one of my latest destination wedding film trailers from Provence, France:

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How to choose a destination wedding videographer for your day?

You have a lot more choice when deciding who will shoot your destination wedding video. Should you choose a wedding videographer from the UK? Or from the host country whether that is Spain, Italy or Dubai?

You should keep in mind that styles and approaches may vary massively with the wedding videographers of each country. So it is good to ask more questions so your style and vision is matched for the wedding videography.

Morocco destination wedding videographer

Having filmed weddings in Morocco on numerous occasions I am very well up to date with not only the vast amount of incredible and beautiful opportunities to capture shots here but also the many logistical issues that may occur. Drone operating here is highly restricted for example, so this is usually captured by crew based in Morocco for me. However this highlights the importance of hiring someone for your day that has a lot of experience shooting not only in North Africa but destination weddings in general, if you want to ensure everything is shot to perfection.

View a recent Moroccan wedding film here which was shot in the magical city of Marrakesh. 


Why am I different from most destination wedding videographers?

For your destination wedding videographer the style and approach is very important. A lot of videographers carry tons of equipment and manufacture shots which take time and focus from your day. My style of wedding videography is to do the opposite of this.

My aim is to shoot everything discreetly during the wedding, this is not done just to be unobtrusive, but this also allows me to capture moments candidly and naturally as they happen. I can then collect lots of amazing footage without disturbing the flow of the day to then create some incredible films of your destination wedding.

Destination wedding videography Spain

Destination wedding videos that concentrate on the story of your day

The main key to my destination wedding films is to collect incredible shots, but also capture the unique story from each wedding. Allowing guests to enjoy the wedding without noticing I am there is one aspect of this.

Almost every frame you see within my destination wedding films are shot naturally with nothing staged. Drawing on my many years of experience to stay in the background. The main focus is to keep everything uncontrived in the wedding video, avoiding anything ‘cheesy’ or manufactured. This allows the wedding video to be captured naturally, along with all of the raw emotion and atmosphere. All helping to make a destination wedding video that will look fresh and unique for many years to come.

Destination wedding videography in Italy

When producing destination wedding videos the best part is having so many different backdrops and cultures. Destination weddings in Italy provide so much of this and more.

As mentioned my style is to naturally capture the atmosphere and story from each destination wedding. This can add a unique rawness to each wedding film and also means as nothing is contrived or ‘cheesy’. It keeps the wedding video looking fresh and modern for years to come.

View one of my latest wedding video trailers below

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Destination wedding videographer in France

Having lived in Paris for 3 years I have been lucky enough to have shot many destination wedding videos in France. Now based in the UK I love to visit at any opportunity and still usually shoot a few weddings here each year.

Where to have your destination wedding in France?

With options ranging from the gorgeous French countryside, to the glamour of the south coast or a wedding in La Ville-Lumière itself, locations for your destination wedding are endless. I have been very fortunate to shoot wedding videography in all of these locations and more. Each venue holds many special features, however the most important aspect is the story of each wedding! After over 800 wedding videos I have created a unique style to capture the character and story of each day.

Destination Wedding videography France

Destination Wedding Videography in Spain

For destination wedding videos in Spain again there are so many moments here which add to the story of the day. The culture, food, perfect weather (depending how hot you like it!) and mile after mile of stunning landscapes. Being based as a wedding videographer in Spain for a year or two in Andalusia, I was lucky enough to have shot may incredible wedding venues across the region.

From destination wedding videography in the Mosque of Cordoba, Valencia beaches to party weddings in The Balearics and Andalusia, each venue has a different story to tell. My lucky job is to stand back and capture everything with my nearly two decades of experience. Making sure that all of those moments and emotions are shot perfectly.

From my point of view as a wedding videographer who concentrates on storytelling and incredible shots, destination wedding videography can be the easiest of all. Beautiful landscapes and all the small details that different cultures provide is a joy to film. It just adds even more to the narrative and atmosphere of each destination wedding.

Destination wedding videographer Barbados

Looking for a Destination Wedding Videographer across the world?

When looking for a destination wedding videographer sometimes people prefer to stick with a style like mine that they feel suits them best. In these cases I am happy to travel and have been fortunate to film in the Caribbean, USA, Brazil and Asia. As styles vary across the world so much it is important to get this right, especially as there are no second takes!

Some countries will require certain work permits for videographers shooting destination weddings, but these can be obtained by myself if needed and is something I have lots of experience in doing.

Having lots of experience in destination wedding videography, please feel free to ask for any advice and I will be happy to help you out!

destination wedding video

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Destination and UK Wedding Videography Trailers

I choose to only show my most recent destination and UK wedding videography trailers so that you have a better idea of current styles.

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