Having shot over 800 wedding films to date over nearly two decades I can give you as close to a guarantee as possible that I will capture the most incredible footage from each vital moment of your day. All shot candidly without anything posed or with any intrusion.

To perfect each of my edits I only take on a limited amount of events per year so that I can put as much time into your wedding films as possible.

Each UK or destination wedding film is all completely produced, shot and edited by myself. Packages will usually cover from preparations until the evening celebrations or around 10 hours, so that all of the best footage can be collected to make some amazing and unique films of your wedding.

Send a message through the contact page here to check my availability and more package details will be sent across to you.

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Head and shoulders above anything I’d seen before, your technique and creativity shone out like a beacon – Tim Graham, Photographer for the British Royal Family

Destination wedding videographer

Some kind words

Tim Graham, photographer for the British Royal Family. – “Head and shoulders above anything I’d seen before, your technique and creativity shone out like a beacon…You were incredibly discreet and that didn’t go un-noticed. The family were hugely grateful for how you tackled the wedding service. It’s so difficult trying to get the best images when restrictions are asked for – as you know I’ve been there often! Your wedding video will be a treasured family memory.”

Sarajane & Alex – “Andrew is so talented, we couldn’t have wished for a better wedding videographer. The trailer and film captured our day so perfectly, Andrew listened to what we wanted, and reproduced it even better than we could have ever imagined, the wedding video is amazing to watch. We are so happy with the result and cannot thank Andrew enough! – Andrew thank you so so so so much, we absolutely LOVE this, we can’t stop watching and cannot thank you enough for taking such beautiful images of the day, I am so pleased we had you there and now we have this beautiful memory of the day.”

Sanjeev & Anita – “Andrew!! Absolute genius you are!! Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you but what an incredible bunch of wedding films you have produced for us. It’s still almost a bit of a mystery to me how you have filmed some of those moments in the way you have as I didn’t spot you for large parts of the day. Anita has had the feature on a loop and can’t stop watching it. More than anything it is put together so elegantly and in such a classic way I know it will still look incredible 20, 40 or 50 years from now which means it is something we can treasure for the rest of our lives. Can’t thank you enough Andrew!!”

Greg and Shano – ‘You’ve captured the moments and emotion to perfection! Everyone that has watched the wedding video are left in tears which means you have hit the mark! When Shano and I were planning our wedding hiring a wedding videographer was LAST on my list. However, she was able to convince (force me) and I’m so grateful she did – your wedding video has left me speechless. During the Christmas break with friends and family we had our marriage tour around Canada and showed your wedding film along the way. Needless to say but the response was overwhelming! Not only did they cry but they laughed and smiled throughout the entire wedding video. One of the best compliments was that they felt like they were there and loved the way you integrated all the speeches and the perfect love story. I heard Chetan has been knocking down your door to film his, we can’t wait to see you again at his wedding in August!’

Chantelle and David – “The wedding film from start to finish is incredible. I cannot honestly put into words how happy we are with what you have provided. It was all Chantelle’s idea as she keeps telling me, but just can’t put into words how blown away we are with the film. It is something of an artwork. My biggest worry with some of the guests that were attending was that everything should be discreet and not intrusive, I never noticed you all day which is a testament to how you collected all of those shots!”