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As a wedding videographer based in Scotland for lots of the year I love returning as it is one of my favourite destinations for wedding videos. From wedding video elopements in Skye to grand events in one of Scotland’s many incredible castles and wedding venues.

What style of wedding videography should you choose for your wedding in Scotland?

Choosing a wedding videographer to film your day in Scotland can be a tricky one with so many different options out there. Some people prefer the wedding videographer to collect manufactured shots using drones, heavy equipment, sliders or even dolly tracks and cranes. In my opinion I prefer you to enjoy the day without any intrusion what-so-ever and that is exactly how I go about filming all of my wedding videos in Scotland.

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Scottish wedding videography venues

One of my favourite Scottish venues for wedding videography has got to be Borthwick Castle. Apart from the incredible location and setting, they also have some of the most friendly staff in Scotland which makes the day run so smoothly!

View one of the latest Scotland wedding video trailers below:

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Documentary and Storytelling Scottish wedding videography

Shooting perfect candid, wedding videography in Scotland can be the most difficult to get right, but it is by far the most rewarding. Being able to be in the exact positions at the right times comes with skill but also experience. After filming over 800 wedding videos each one helps to not only be in the right places but also to collect them with the best possible compositions.

From my 17 years of experience in shooting wedding videos across Scotland this for me is absolutely the best way to get the most incredible footage for your wedding film. I need to be mobile all of the time to gather these special moments through the wedding, by being discreet and gathering natural shots using compact equipment I can stay in the background without being noticed.

wedding videographer Scotland


Scotland wedding videography

To create fantastic, unique and memorable films for your wedding video in Scotland means showing what it is that makes you distinctive as a couple, I do this by not only picking out incredible shots for your wedding video, but by capturing the unique story of each couple. For the wedding videographer this can be a difficult thing to get right, as you have to balance between creating something really emotive without making it too contrived or cheesy!

My first memory of shooting a wedding video in Scotland came at Balbirnie House, Fife, and since then I have had the chance to film many couples across the regions and been lucky enough to be recommended by venues up and down the country.


Aberdeenshire, Scotland wedding videography trailer below

One of my most recent memories in creating a wedding video in Scotland comes from Aberdeenshire in the amazing location of Drumtochty Castle. Sometimes in collecting footage for the wedding video, unique moments of the day presents itself which then makes the wedding video a lot more distinctive. This wedding shoot provided just that, with the grooms party having a ridiculously fun time clay pigeon shooting in the morning! This helped set up the wedding video for the wedding preparations and ceremony that followed.

View the wedding videography trailer below:


How to choose a wedding videographer for your day in Scotland?

Choosing a wedding videographer and photographer to shoot in harmony at your wedding in Scotland is a lot more important than most people realise. Luckily as I shoot in a documentary style with nothing manufactured, I get along great with every photographer I shoot with. This is because I stay in the background at the wedding and capture shots for the wedding video very discreetly, with guests hardly noticing I am there at all.

I have had the pleasure to work alongside some of the most talented photographers in Europe and across Scotland, so if you want any recommendations for a Scottish wedding photographer then let me know and I will be happy to help you out.

From shooting wedding videos through Scotland over the years I have been so lucky to be involved in many different cultural ceremonies and traditions from Humanist, Indian and Jewish weddings to elopments from Chinese, American and Canadian couples. Each Scottish wedding video I complete in Scotland year on year, gives me more experience of how to pick out the very best shots from each day. The fun thing about it is that you never stop learning as every single shoot is different, which is what makes my job so exciting!

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Wedding videographer Scotland