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Indian wedding videography

From filming my first Hindu wedding back in 2007 I have loved every minute of each Indian wedding I have been involved in since that day. For me Indian weddings are by far the most action packed and enjoyable to shoot due to so much that goes on within each day and before, which for a documentary wedding videographer is an absolute dream.

From shooting all of the many various religious Indian ceremonies, pre-events from Mendhi nights to the Jago and Chooda, cultural traditions from different regions, there is just so many opportunities for me to gather incredible footage from each day.


Indian wedding videographer


Less manufactured shots – more storytelling your day

For their Indian wedding videographer, whether it is for a Sikh, Hindu or Tamil wedding for example, many people are now deciding to hire documentary wedding videographers. The reason being is that I cover so much more of the emotion and story from your day while still keeping those dramatic shots from your Indian wedding. Unlike a lot of other Indian wedding videographers I don’t employ really intrusive means of covering the day, such as cranes, large dolly tracks or directing you into pose after pose throughout your day. That is not to say there is a right or wrong way of shooting an Indian wedding, just the way I prefer to cover your day is to let you enjoy it without distraction, that way all of the raw emotion and atmosphere can be collected exactly when it happens without anything manufactured.

Knowing exactly where to be at the right times to collect those emotional moments is key and is something I achieve after experience from many hundreds of weddings including the many Indian weddings I shoot each year. It is balancing this with using my creative knowledge to capture these moments in many unique, cinematic and elegant shots.


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Indian wedding videography – pre-ceremony events

For me when producing an Indian wedding video the best part is having all of the many different days and events leading up to the ceremony itself. This adds so much vibrancy and story to the wedding video, it allows me to compile such incredible moments and narrative by collecting the atmosphere of each individual event with both sides of the family.

Whether it is part of a Sikh wedding or a Hindu wedding for example, there are so many various traditions that help make the look of the wedding video fantastic.

Some of my favourite images and footage for Indian wedding videography come from pre-event Indian traditions such as the Jago, Chooda, Chunni or my favourite, the Batna.


Indian wedding videographer


Sikh Wedding Videography

For Sikh wedding ceremonies again there are so many moments here which add to the story of the day, which is why there is never any reason to stage anything through the day as there is simply so much amazing action to film!

From the preparations early morning to the Baraat and the entrance of the groom, this already gives me so much to have fun with creating amazing footage for the wedding video. Then one of my favourite moments and traditions of the day comes in the Milni when both families get to greet each other before heading to breakfast.

Selfishly, from my point of view as a wedding videographer, Sikh ceremonies are set up perfectly as once the Milni is over and breakfast begins this then gives me lots of time to set up for the ceremony itself!

After the Anand Karaj (wedding ceremony), Shaguns, lunch in the Langar and usually some gorgeous couple photos in a nearby location, it is onto the most emotional part of the day with the filming of the Doli.

Indian Wedding videographer


Hindu Wedding Videography

Hindu weddings and their pre/post rituals can vary massively depending on regions and what each family prefers, however one thing for sure is that there is never a dull moment!

The Hindu ceremony traditions again vary except for the three key traditions of the Kanyadaan (Father/guardian giving away the bride) the Panigrahana (holding hands next to the fire) and finally the Saptapadi (Seven steps). All great opportunities to gather so many colourful images for the wedding videographer.

After the ceremony the bride will leave for the grooms home for the ritual of Grihapravesa, or the welcoming of the bride into the grooms family home. The transition from home to a new home can be such an emotional part of the day full of sorrow and joy, leading to many opportunities to capture footage that will show and evoke so much emotion within the wedding video.

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Indian wedding videography